Hi, I'm Craig Will.

I do design and development for tablet and mobile phone applications, mostly iPads and iPhones.

See some of my papers on both usability design for tablets and iOS programming.

Engagement Styles: Beyond "Lean Forward" and "Lean Back". This paper challenges the idea, seen often today, that the tablet is necessarily a "lean forward" device, or that such an engagement style, as I call it, is necessarily linked to a particular device except by habit. This was published in March 2012 on the online design magazine Johnny Holland.

Understanding Delegation in iOS. Delegation is a sometimes difficult programming concept for those learning iOS and Objective-C. This paper introduces delegation, shows how it is used in a diversity of cases, describes how to create custom protocols and delegate methods, describes how to do the same thing with blocks, and discusses the difference between delegation and blocks. PDF Version (21 pages)

Here's a fun cartoon animation that shows a flying squirrel gliding and then landing on a tree. It's also very realistic--it's based on a real video of a flying squirrel coming in for a landing.
Flying Squirrel animation.